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Give Respect, Receive Respect

On April 22, 2021, Montana Governor Gianforte “signed SB215 into law to protect the freedom of people of all faiths to exercise their sincerely held religious beliefs,” and other states are passing similar laws.
I believe in the heart of this law, but I also realize that there are LGBTQ+ Americans who are afraid of what the details of these laws could mean for them.

I don’t know whether or not the details in this law can be used for discrimination without repercussion, but I do know this:

Discrimination within my business does not help me worship my God, nor does it help me love God or love my neighbors. Discrimination within my studio is not one of my deeply held religious beliefs, and I don’t think any Christian business owners should hold beliefs like that, as Jesus himself spent his time with people his society considered damaged and unworthy of respect and grace. In our culture today, that is how many people view the LGBTQ+ community, and that attitude won’t be accepted at Laci Music Studio.

Discrimination or any type of disrespect based on religious views, age, race, ability or disability, sex (including intersex individuals), gender identity, sexuality, or anything else by students, parents, guest speakers, other types of staff members, or audience members will not be tolerated by myself or by the studio as a whole.

If you feel at any point that you or your child has been disrespected by a student, parent, staff member, or anyone associated with the studio please let me know as soon as possible. I take these matters very seriously and will take care of respect/discrimination issues as soon as possible in order to keep the studio a safe space for everyone. You can reach me on Instagram or Facebook, you can call or text 406.647.0354, or you can email me at

Much love,


She/Her/Hers (What's this? Respecting personal pronouns and clarifying our own is another way we can include and respect people.)

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