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Why Online?

One question I get a lot is why online? What makes online lessons so good that I’ll probably never go back to teaching full time in person? There are so many reasons why I love online lessons, but let’s go through my top 5.

1. No commute time

With online lessons, there’s no rushing your kids back and forth between activities. Online lessons can happen anywhere as long as you have your instrument and music! The best part of this is that piano players get to take lessons on the same instrument they practice on.

I don’t have to commute between lessons either, so I have more time to plan out quality lessons! My lessons can be catered to each student when I’m not factoring in commute time to the studio or student’s homes.

2. Lessons are recorded

It is so easy to record lessons when they’re on Zoom! Having recordings of your lessons is so easy! You can go back in the lesson and see exactly what was taught and it makes it possible to see growth happen as a musician that we can’t always see without recordings. Because I record lessons, I don’t have to take as many notes during lessons, so I’m able to stay more present as I teach my students.

3. Easy make up lessons

Make up lessons are so easy when lessons are online! I am able to record a lesson for the student during their regularly scheduled time and get it sent over to them that night or the next morning! No more trying to schedule a separate time when we both have to commute, and no more working around the schedule of the church I ran my studio out of!

4. Travel and moving

I love to travel, and I used to have to take time off whenever I did. I don’t have to take time off everytime I travel anymore! It’s so easy to teach from anywhere!

If I or any of my students ever decide to move, I will be able to keep them in my studio! You no longer have to find a new teacher every time you or I move. I started a student in person a couple years ago, and she stayed with me when I moved online. She and her husband ended up moving to Virginia, and she’s still able to stick with my studio!

5. COVID-19 isn’t the only illness we have to worry about

I started teaching online when COVID-19 first hit last March, but even before then, my whole studio seemed to always be sick at the same time! With so many people in the same space playing on the same instrument, illnesses seemed to spread really easily. With online lessons, student’s aren’t spreading illnesses to each other! I’m even still able to teach with a sore throat or mild headache.

Still not sure if online is right for you? Schedule your free meet and greet with me to make sure you love online lessons before you commit.

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