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What are 20-20-20 Lessons?

Another question I get is what are 20-20-20 lessons, and why are they helpful?

20-20-20 lessons are 60 minute lessons split into 3 separate 20 minute segments. At Laci Music Studio, those segments are Private Lesson, Theory Lab, and Guided Practice. All of my students (ages 8 through adult) do lessons this way! Let’s talk about each of them!

1. Private Lesson

The private lesson is solo time the student has with me where we go through different concepts of music and how to play their instrument. This is just like a lesson you would get with any other teacher.

2. Theory Lab

There is never enough time for music theory during lessons, no matter how long the lesson is! During the theory lab, the student will work through theory worksheets or online theory exercises on their own to gain a better understanding of music theory. We can then apply these concepts during the next lessons on the instrument itself.

3. Guided Practice

The guided practice might be the most important piece of the lesson! Piano players will have 20 minutes on Piano Maestro (available on iOS), which takes musicians through exercises to help their technique. String players (and piano players without an iOS device) will receive a practice map before their lesson that will guide them through a 20 minute practice session. Knowing how to practice is a super important skill to have when learning a new instrument! The Theory Lab and Guided Practice also help teach independence within a controlled environment! It’s a win-win situation!

Using a 20-20-20 format, I’m able to give students the skills they need to excel on their instrument, while teaching 3 students per hour. Lessons have a “group class” feeling, but all students receive equal attention! Because I am still able to teach 3 students per hour, I’m also able to charge nearly half the price that other teachers in my area charge. You can’t put a price on good lessons, but it’s nice to have that savings!

Still have questions about the 20-20-20 format? Schedule your free meet and greet with me to ask any questions you may have.

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