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Violin Starter Pack

When you are thinking about switching from piano to violin, one thing you need to think about is the investment. You will definitely need a violin, but there are quite a few other things you will need as well! Here is a list of all the things you want to look into before deciding to switch instruments, including links to my favorite products for beginners!

Sponge and Rubber Bands

For beginners, a sponge and rubber band can be used in place of a shoulder rest. This is the perfect option if you are not done growing or don't want to spend to much in the very beginning. Sponges are made to fit both small and big violins so younger players don't need to buy a new shoulder rest every time they grow!

My favorite violin sponge

My favorite rubber bands


Unlike the piano, the violin needs to be tuned before it is played each time. Luckily, the instrument is built to make tuning easy, and tuners make tuning even easier! It can be difficult for beginners to hear the correct pitches when they are tuning their instrument. Tuners hear the pitches for you! Tuners can be purchased, or tuning apps can be downloaded (my favorite tuning app even has a metronome built in!).

My favorite tuner

My favorite app


Piano players should already have a metronome, but it might be time for a new one! The tuner app linked above has a metronome built in, but here is my favorite metronome!

Violin Tapes

When we're talking about stringed instruments without frets, tapes are like training wheels. Tapes help beginners train their fingers to land in the right spot on the fingerboard.

My favorite violin tapes

Rosin and Cloth

The violin is played with a bow. Rosin is a sticky powder that helps the bow stick to the string. Without rosin, the bow wouldn't work! The issue is that the sticky powder gets all over the instrument. A soft cloth fixes this problem fast!

My favorite rosin

My favorite soft cloth

Extra Strings

Strings break sometimes, it happens. If you keep extra strings around, you won't have to rush around to buy new strings when a break does happen!

My favorite strings

Music Stand

Violins don't have a built-in music stand like pianos do, so it's important to have one on hand! There are so many music stands on the market, but beginners really only need a portable stand. If you know this is something you want to stick with for many years, a more sturdy stand is a good investment.

My favorite portable stand

My favorite sturdy stand


Good beginner violin books are a necessity to really learn to play. If you are taking lessons with Laci Music Studio, you'll need specific books.

Book for ages 9-10

Book for ages 11+

Optional Accessories



Peg Compound

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