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Tonara Ongoing Support

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

I have a brand new option dropping for music education! Ever since I started using Tonara, assigning homework to my students has been so easy! With Tonara, I am able to send students assignments, which they can then see and mark complete as they finish them. I’m able to attach audio files, pdf files, photos, websites, or anything I may need students to have to their assignments. The app is right there on their phone or tablet, so they never miss an assignment! (Right now, Tonara is only available on the app for students. Students cannot use the web version at this time.) I am able to message students, and it is so safe and secure, as to follow child protection regulations.

Once I discovered how easy Tonara is for both myself and my students, I decided to start offering something new through Tonara! I now offer Tonara Ongoing Support through Laci Music Studio!

What is Ongoing Support? Ongoing Support is the perfect option for busy people! I know so many moms and business owners who wish they had time for lessons, but unfortunately they do not. With Ongoing Support, you are a part of my studio at a discounted rate, and will have homework assigned, you’ll have video access to my office hours, and you’ll have access to me through the message function on Tonara 6 days per week, but there will be no live lessons to worry about. This option is self paced, and perfect for busy people looking to learn an instrument.

Check out my Tonara Connect profile for more information. You can also schedule a discovery interview with me if you have any questions!

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