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Piano Starter Pack

When you want to start playing piano, there are a few things you need to make learning easy! Here is a list of everything you may need to start playing the piano, including links to my favorite products!

Pencils and Erasers

Pencils and erasers are important tools for learning. Whether you need to write something in your music or takes notes in your notebook, have a pencil and eraser around is a necessity. I love to have specific pencils that belong by my desk for teaching and practicing. Having pencils that belong by the piano prevents your pencils from getting lost.

My favorite pencils

My favorite erasers

Small Sticky Notes

Small sticky notes are great for marking pages in your book or parts of your music. Here are my favorites.


Notebooks are a great tool to keep notes, homework, and more! Here is my favorite notebook, but you can use a regular composition notebook as well.

Practice Planner

The LMS Practice Planner has all the tools you need to make your practice sessions successful! You can find that here.


The metronome is a vital tool in learning pulse and rhythm. You can buy a metronome from any music store, or you can download a metronome app!

My favorite metronome

My favorite metronome app

Nail Clippers

Nail clippers are another important tool that I like to keep next to my piano. It is crucial to keep your nails short when you are learning the piano, which is something I like to go over in the first lesson.

My favorite nail clippers


When starting a new instrument, books are a great way to learn! If you are starting piano at Laci Music Studio, here is the book you will need.

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