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Membership Part 2 - Enrollment Process

The process to enroll as a Member at Laci Music Studio is so easy and informative! I want to make sure that my students are enthusiastic about Membership before committing to a 3-month session. Watch the video below or read about my membership process.

Step 1: Clarity Interview

The Clarity Interview is a quick 15-minute phone call to go over your musical goals and make sure my studio is the best place for you. Schedule your Clarity Interview here. After the phone call, I will send you the correct enrollment form.

Step 2: Enrollment Form

Fill out the enrollment form I send as soon as possible. If you have any questions on the form, don't be afraid to ask! After your form is turned in, I will text or email you to schedule your 30-minute Meet and Greet over a video call.

Step 3: Meet and Greet

The 30-minute Meet and Greet is an amazing opportunity for the student and I to get to know each other and talk about previous musical experience (if there is any). During the Meet and Greet, we will also decide which Membership Option is right for you, get your billing updated in Fons, and schedule your first lesson!

Step 4: Start Lessons!

Once you are scheduled and your payment information is up to date, it's time to start lessons!

Begin your enrollment process today!

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