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Lessons are Changing!

The more I learn about running a business, the more efficient I can become! Group lessons for Members will be changing a little bit starting this fall!

This is how lessons will work this fall:

  • Come ready to play (instrument turned on/tuned and music ready) at your start time. Your private lesson will last for 20 minutes. During the last couple minutes of your lesson, I will go over your homework for the week as well as what I want you to practice during your Guided Practice time.

  • Your Guided Practice will last for 20 minutes while I teach the next student. Practice what we went over during the last couple minutes of your lesson. If you have any questions, ask me on Tonara. If you get done with your practice material, practice scales. Your total lesson time will be 40 minutes.

  • Theory will still last for 20 minutes, but it will be assigned as homework. It is best to finish this as soon as your lesson time is over. Theory will still consist of a video, a Brain Dump assignment, and occasionally a note exercise.

How to behave during this new lesson format.

  1. Show up on time ready to play.

  2. Stay focused during your lesson.

  3. Keep yourself muted during your practice time. If you have any questions, send them through Tonara as a message or voice message.

  4. Set aside 1 hour even though your lesson time is 40 minutes. This gives you enough time to finish your theory homework.

  5. Ask questions throughout the week on Tonara or during my office hours so your lesson time can be focused on new material.

Scheduled Lesson Times

Parents and adult students will have the opportunity to choose whether you want your/your student's lesson time to remain the same every week. If your lesson time remains the same weekly, it will be blocked out in my schedule and nobody will be able to schedule anything with me during that time for the duration of the session.

If you know that your schedule is not set in stone for the entirety of the Fall 2021 Session (September 6 - December 4), you can choose to schedule lessons with me every week in my calendar. If you choose this option, it is your responsibility to schedule a lesson weekly. If you cannot make it to a lesson that week, please let me know by 5:00p MDT on Friday of the week before (ex. if you cannot make lessons during the week of September 13-17, let me know by 5:00p MDT on September 10.

To ask any questions about these changes, email

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