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About Me

Hey everyone!

My name is Ruth and I'm an online music instructor! I am the owner and instructor at Laci Music Studio LLC. I want you to get to know me, so here are some facts about me!

  1. I love to write! I love writing so much that I actually own two businesses. In my other business, I am a VA (virtual assistant), and I get to write social media posts, blog posts, and email campaigns when I'm not teaching music or doing administrative behind the scenes work.

  2. I'm from Montana. I was born in Crow Agency, MT and raised in Hardin and Billings. I love the mountains so much! Hiking is one of my favorite pass-times, and I even don't mind camping *too* much. I could live without the snow though.

  3. I have 7 instruments! I have a violin, viola, cello, electric violin, keyboard, piano, and an organ! I try to keep a pretty good practice schedule for all of them, but I've definitely fallen out of that habit because it's so close to Christmas!

  4. My favorite holiday is...Halloween. You thought I was going to say Christmas didn't you? Halloween is my favorite because I love how the world keeps going and everyone celebrates just because. Every other holiday seems to either stop the world because it's so important (like Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter), or not be celebrated in big ways (like Labor Day...I mean, we have sales, but that's about it). Halloween is great because people celebrate in big ways, but lives keeps on going during the days leading up to Halloween Day.

  5. And finally... Penguins are my favorite animal! You know on Frozen when Kristoff sings "reindeer are better than people?" Well I almost feel that way about penguins! I even got to meet penguins in July 2019 at the Sedgwick County Zoo in Wichita, KA. They were adorable! I get to feed them and even pet one!

Now you know more about me, and I would love to hear more about you! Tell me about yourself at

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