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Benefits of Learning and Performing from Home

For many students, school is still online. Learning everything from home can be really hard for some kids, but music seems to be a topic that kids do online really well! There are so many benefits to learning music online.

1. Students learn to play their own instrument.

This is a huge one for piano players. Pianos are just not portable! In-person lessons require students to learn on an instrument they will not be practicing on. Most pianos and keyboards are built similarly, but even small differences can mess things up when a student practices at home.

2. Students get to perform on the instrument they practice on.

Performing is definitely nerve-wracking! Performing in your own space on your own instrument makes performances so much easier. It's scary to perform on a stage in front of a bunch of people you can see, and that fear can cause preventable mess-ups! Online performances solve these issues. Students are able to perform with fewer mistakes until I feel they are ready for in-person performances.

3. Students don't have to travel to lessons or performances.

Busy schedules can be so exhausting, especially for children. When lessons are online, traveling 20 minutes each way across town isn't necessary for lessons. Lessons can be taken from anywhere with an internet connection! Students are able to take their music lessons right from home, without adding extra stops to their already busy schedule. Lessons can even be taken while traveling!

Overall, online music lessons are an amazing way to learn music.

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