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There will be three 3-month sessions per year. January-March, April-June, and September-November. There will not be weekly lessons in July, August, and December, but each month will have group and individual class opportunities. Each three month session will consist of 12 lessons. Each session will also have at least one performance opportunity. Specific details will be announced two weeks before each session.

New students may join mid-session.


Laci Music Studio LLC uses a scheduling and billing platform called Fons. Tuition will be due on the 28th of each month and will be automatically deducted from your billing method in Fons. Tuition rates will be discussed at your Meet and Greet. If you join mid-session, your first payment will be sent via invoice and is due before any lessons can be scheduled.

If you would like to apply for the Laci Music Studio LLC Junior's Scholarship to receive 50-100% off your tuition or donate to the fund to help another student, do so here


If the student must miss a lesson, 24 hours of advanced notice is required. Lessons missed without 24 hours notice will not be allowed a make up lesson. Limited exceptions may be made for emergencies at the instructor's discretion.
If a student misses more than three lessons or is tardy more than three times in one session (three month period), the student will receive a warning. If the student misses more than three lessons or is tardy more than three times during the next session, he or she will be removed from the studio or moved to the bottom of the waiting list.

Make up lessons will not be attended live, even with 24 hours notice. Instead, make up lessons will be recorded during the student's regular lesson time and will be sent to the student within 2 business days.

If the instructor must miss a lesson, it will be rescheduled within one month. No refunds will be given. The instructor may offer a class or or product of equal or greater value in lieu of a make up lesson.


Once you have registered for weekly lessons during a session, you are expected to pay for all lessons within the session, whether or not you choose to attend. If you wish to discontinue lessons, you must provide notice one month prior to the start of the new session. Refunds will not be given for purchased gift certificates or session tuition.


During lessons, students are expected to dress nicely (no t shirts), use clean language, avoid lewd gestures or references, and devote their time to the lessons, regardless of distractions within the home. Lessons will start and end on time whether the student is focused or not.


By registering for classes, you agree to Laci Music Studio's Photo and Video Release policy.

Photo and video can be taken from any recording taken by Laci Music Studio LLC and posted anywhere. If there is a safety concern or other reason you do not want your child's photo or video posted, please talk to Ruth to figure out a solution.

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